SXT 5HPnD Ampliar


Mikrotik Bolivia SXT 5HPnD is a low cost, high transmit power 5GHz outdoor wireless device. Up to 1250mW transmit power! SXT 5HPnD can be used for point to point links or as a CPE for point to multipoint installations. Incluye inyector PoE

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  Product specifications
  Product code RBSXT-5HPnD
  CPU speed 400MHz
  RAM 32MB
  Architecture MIPS-BE
  LAN ports 1
  Gigabit 0
  MiniPCI 0
  miniPCI-e 0
  Integrated Wireless 1
  Wireless standards 802.11an
  USB 1
  Memory Cards 0
  Power Jack 0
  802.3af support 0
  PoE 9-30V
  Voltage Monitor Yes
  CPU temperature monitor Yes
  Dimensions 140x140x56mm, 265g
  Operating System RouterOS
  Temperature range -30 .. +70C
  RouterOS License Level3
  Antenna gain 16dBi
  TX power 31dBm
  CPU AR7241